You enjoy the ride - We'll do the driving!
All rides are private tours. Prices are per person, up to 3 riders


Scenic mild to advanced private 4x4 tours

We'll do the driving - you enjoy the ride!
Scenic Canyon 4x4 Ride Along Tour
Scenic Canyon 4x4 Tour
1.5 hour tour through the beautiful Lake Havasu canyon
November - March
Lake Havasu Gold Mine
Gold Mine 4x4 Tour
2-hour scenic adventure
November - March
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Lake Havasu 4x4 Ride Along Tours

We have been offering the best off road tours in Arizona since 2002. We have spent the last many years exploring and scouting the best our area has to offer. We offer the only cross country UTV tour to Grand Canyon, along with off road tours to the bottom of Grand Canyon since 2017. We are the best at what we do and am proud to now offer the best of Lake Havasu. For those who spend there winters here in Lake Havasu you know what a beautiful place it is. But seeing it from the lake, or seeing it from the highway just doesn't do it justice. Just like seeing Grand Canyon from a photo just doesn't do it justice. We hope that you will allow us to show you just how beautiful Lake Havasu is and we promise you will be amazed.

Let us do the driving and you enjoy the ride!

Our tours are extremely scenic with each tour having a different degree of technical 4x4 operations. Travel speeds are slow for your enjoyment. This is not a petal to the metal, rocks flying, lets go out and tear it up kind of ride that unfortunately UTV's have been made to be known for. These tours are sure to give a thrill at any age while displaying nature at it's best. A must do for any Lake Havasu visitor.


Scenic Canyon 4x4 Tour

Our Scenic Canyon Tour offers mild 4x4 adventure with travel through washes and canyons with stunning rock cliffs up close, painted desert terrain, unique desert vegetation, and is home to wild burros. See the jagged Mohave Mountains up close surrounding Lake Havasu.

Gold Mine 4x4 Tour

Our Gold Mine 4x4 Tour is a mild to advanced 4x4 adventure through some of Lake Havasu's most beautiful back country. There's a picture around every corner with adventure start to finish. Visit an abandoned gold mine hidden within the rock cliff's surrounding Lake Havasu.

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